Reclamation District 3 Authority

Reclamation District No. 3, Grand Island, is the local public entity that provides flood control and drainage services to the landowners of Grand Island. These functions are provided in the most economical and environmentally sound manner, with the greatest consideration of the areas rich agrarian culture and heritage.

Division of Local Government

Reclamation and levees districts are a type of special district, a "public" entity that "exercises certain governmental functions" within its boundaries. The governmental functions of such districts are generally to acquire, build, and operate reclamation works, though they are also authorized to hire employees, incur debt, conduct elections, assess lands, execute contracts, sue or be sued, and acquire property. They are subject to all laws generally applicable to local districts, including the Brown Act (open public meetings), the Public Records Act, the Political Reform Act, the conflict of interest laws, and public bidding. As public entities, reclamation districts are also authorized to join with other entities that wish to share their "common powers" for a common purpose. Joint powers are typically exercised through a joint power agency, which is formed by an agreement of the members.

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Reclamation District No. 3 (RD 3) is alerting motorist that ALL NORTHBOUND AND SOUTHBOUND lanes will be closed 24-hours a day for approximately 2 to 3 months, anticipated to start as early as mid-March with updated road closure signs posted 10 days in advance of the closure.

More Information

Monday, January 08, 2018: Grand Island Levee System Inactive

In 2014, the Grand Island Levee System received an unacceptable rating by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Unacceptable ratings are given to systems that have deficiencies that can threaten levee performance during a flood or storm. The primary reasons for the unacceptable rating is due to encroachments, animal control issues, erosion and bank caving and slope stability. The District is working on system-wide framework plan that will allow the District to get reinstated while they work to address these maintenance issues. The District will soon be notifying landowners on how they can assist in resolving unacceptable items on their property.